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Drink Menu

(Served with Glass or Bottle)
Oyster Bay Sauvignon Bleanc
Striking flavors of grapefruit and citrus make this one of America's favorits

Robert Mondavi Woodbridge White Zinfandel
Fresh strawberry and floral aromas are echoed by strawberry flavors and a tangy finish

Trinchero Riesling
Delicious flavors of apricot and honey that stay with you.

Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Chardonnay
Interse and concentrated flavors; offering hints of peach and apple.

Clos Du Bois Chardonnay
Aromas and flavors of tropical fruit , vanilla, butter, citrus and spice with a round, creamy texture.

Hess California Chardonnay
Deep and highly intense aromas and flavors centering on citrus, vanilla and spice.

Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Melot
Deep ruby red, full bodied, and solidly framed with moderate tannin and tartness.

Robert Mondavi Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon
Deep, ripe currant, berry fruit eith some rounded, balanced vanilla.

Lagaria Pinot Grigio
A ripe style, with pear and fig flavors, Well balanced with a crisp finish.

Bogle Merlot
Intense nose of cherry and blackberry. Rich and full bodied with velvety texture in the mouth.

Gekkeikan Plum Wine


Plum Wine,        Takara Lychee Sake,        Sapporo 22oz. Can

Monitnore, Borealis,      Mirassou, Pinot Noir

Bottled Beer

Tsing Tao     Heineken     Amstel     Budweiser    Blue Moon    Coors Light

Bud Light     Corona    Michelob Light    Michelob Ultra    Miller Lite

Draft Beers

Sam Adams     Blue Moon     Yuengling

Exotic Drinks

Mai Tai
"The Best" A fascination mixture of Caribbean rums and fresh fruit juices. Delightful and refreshing

Pineapple Passion
The fruit juice of the pineapple combined with rare spices and a blend of light rum. Served in a ceramic pineapple mug.

Frozen Daiquiris
(Banana or Strawberry) Fresh fruit with rum and liquors to make a sensational drink

Navy Grog
The toast of the seven seas

Potent blend of rums and liquor topped with apricot brandy

Planters Punch
A tradition from the tropics. A mixture of fruit juices and Jamaican rum

Strongly silent, curiously lush, exceedingly magical

Pina Colada
A snowy concoction of whith rum with coconut and pineapple. Innocent looking , but watch it.

Blue Hawaii
You should be able to sing the song after two or three of these

Love Potion
Fresh banana is blended with dark & white rum with pineapple and coconut juice. Quite bewitching.

Suffering Bastard
A spectacular blend of exotic potions. (A dirty stinker)

*Before placing your order please inform your server if a person in your party has food allergy

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